Food For Agile Thought Collection

#FoodForAgileThought series is well known among agile groups. Found difficulty to find all of them at single place,so wrote this blog which contains all weekly series authored by 

Food for Agile Thought #125: Remote Work, Coach Archetypes, Measuring Agility, First PM Principles

Food for Agile Thought #124: Low Engagement, Get Hired as a Scrum Master, Building Trust

Food for Agile Thought #123: Scrum 2018, Bulletproof Product Strategy, Hypotheses Testing System

Food for Agile Thought #122: Top Agile Blogs, Stop Playing with Teams, Steve Jobs on Self-Management

Food for Agile Thought #121: Agile Manifesto History, Scrum Master Anti-Patterns, Lean Scrum, Sociocracy

Food for Agile Thought #120: Agile Trends, Throughput, High-Performance Teams and Organizations

Food for Agile Thought #119: Business Agility, Agile Career Lessons, Product Design by Committee

Food for Agile Thought #118: Scrum Troubles, Brilliant Jerks, How to Experiment, Sprint Review for POs

Food for Agile Thought #117: The Agile Periodic Table, Scrum Guide 2017, AMA W/ Steve Portigal

Food for Agile Thought #116: Agile Experiments, Starting Standups on Time, Rebuilding Trust

Food for Agile Thought #115: Agile ROI, Winning Hearts and Minds, Product Transparency

Food For Agile Thought #114: Rockstar Engineers, Psychological Safety, Products Spiraling out of Control

Food for Agile Thought #113: Scaling Spotify, Technical Debt, Dogfooding, Cost of Delay

Food for Agile Thought #112: Scaling Agile Pitfalls, Resources for Product and Design, Coded Waste

Food for Agile Thought #111: Slicing User Stories, Causal Loop Diagrams, 30-Year Product Plans

Food for Agile Thought #110: Roles of Change, Systems Thinking, Estimation Nightmares, Ideation Channels

Food for Agile Thought #109: Agile Metrics Secrets, Agile Tribes, Going Faster, Product Adoption

Food for Agile Thought #108: Agile’s Heart, Let the Best Ideas Win, Management Anti-Patterns

Food for Agile Thought #107: Quick Fix Agile, High-Performance Agile, How to Identify Product Metrics

Food for Agile Thought #106: Agile Maturity, Feature Factory, Integrating Agile and UX

Food for Agile Thought #105: Business Agility, Continuous Delivery, Amateurs & Professionals

Food for Agile Thought #104: High-Performance Agile Teams, Dual Track Agile, Cultural Revolution

Food for Agile Thought #103: Agile Misconceptions, Retro + Product Thinking Exercises, Being PM #1

Food for Agile Thought #102: Ain’t No Spotify Model, Ditching Scrum, Feature Creep Myth

Food for Agile Thought #101: Agile Sabotage, Feature Factory, Mental Models, Behavioral Design

Food for Agile Thought #100: Product Discovery, PMF, Hypotheses, Optimizing Kanban

Food for Agile Thought #99: Hiring Scrum Masters, Difficult Team Members, Agile Roadmaps

Food For Thought #98: Understanding Complexity, Stakeholder Resistance, PM vs. PO

Food For Thought #97: Abandoning Scrum, Patterns of Effective Teams, Bad Product Roadmaps

Food For Thought #96: Scrum Heroes, Flow, Agile Managers, Idea Debt, How to Say No

Food For Thought #95: Agile Bashing, Dark Scrum, SM Salary Report, #NoAgile for B2B Software?

Food For Thought #94: State of Scrum Report, Agile’s Goal, Practical Experiments, Brainstorming Sucks

Food For Thought #93: Resilient Agile Teams, Innovation Killers, Reddit for Product Managers

Food For Thought #92: The Holy Grail of Team Building, Introverts, Jeff Bezos’s Secret Sauce

Food For Thought #91: Do Devs Hate Agile? Agile Refactoring, Dual Track Development, Cost of Delay

Food For Thought #90: Agile OKRs, Agile Ladder, 11 Laws of Product, Disruption à la Amazon

Food For Thought #89: Scaling Agile Is Futile, Scrum in Asia, How to Kill Features

Food For Thought #88: Big Bang Agile, Hail Failure, Syncing Sales

Food For Thought #87: Lipstick Agile, Distributed Agile, Remote Agile, 400 Slack Communities

Food For Thought #86: Dual-Track Agile, 11th State of Agile, Clarity Metrics, Product Psycho Tricks

Food For Thought #85: Agile Success by Trust and Safety, PM Coding, Machine-Learning Overlords

Food For Thought #84: Half-Arsed Agile, Hollary and Scrump, SM or Coach, Crappy PM Jobs

Food For Thought #83: Agile Coach or Scrum Master, Scrum Master Hacks, PM v. PO, Radical Candor

Food For Thought #83: Agile Coach or Scrum Master, Scrum Master Hacks, PM v. PO, Radical Candor

Food For Thought #82: Agile Frameworks, Culture Change Failures, Ruthless Prioritization, Growth Religion

Food For Thought #81: Agile Middle Management, No CEO, Mental Models, Innovator’s Dilemma

Food For Thought #80: Brilliant Jerks Kill Agile Culture, Slicing User Stories, Prototyping, Scaling Product

Food For Thought #79: Agile Tribes, Overcoming Waterfall, Prototype, Learn, and Iterate, Fear of Failure

Food For Thought #78: Agile Enterprise, Spotify, What is Teal, Product Discovery, Dilbert on Agile

Food For Thought #77: Team Building, Feedback, Guerilla Research, Career Limiting Steps, UX Survey 2017

Food For Thought #76: Zombie Scrum, Agile Is Dead, Build Trust, Feature Flags, PO Assessment

Food For Thought #75: Guerrilla Innovation, Chill Agile Bro’, Efficiency, Stop Whining, Start Experimenting

Food For Thought #74: Scrum Turns 21, Product Owner Patterns; Scrum@Home; Product Risk Mitigation

Food For Thought #73: Hybrid Agile, Team Health, PO v. PM, Product Design for Cave-Men, Fake It?

Food For Thought #72: Product People 2016, State of Tech, Watered Down Scrum Masters, PM v. PO

Food For Thought #71: Brainless Agile, Everyone’s Agile, Speedy Agile, PM Survey 2016, UX 2017

Food For Thought #70: Agile Myths Busting, Trust, Product Discovery, Listening to Customers

Food For Thought #69: Scaling Agile, LeSS Huge, Ruthless Prios, Good Metrics, Comfort Zones

Food For Thought #68: 100 Agile Techniques, Machiavelli and Dopamine for PMs, Scaling Lean

Food For Thought #67: Agile Delivery, Scaling, Storytelling, Frustration & Creativity, Why?

Food For Thought #66: Agile & Bureaucracy, Agile Introverts, Zombie Products, How to Fake It

Food For Thought #65: Scrum Comic, Software Anti-Patterns, Coach Exit, Feedback Loops, Pricing

Food For Thought #64: Patchwork Agile, Modern Agile, MVP Course, PM on Github, Google Strategy

Food For Thought #63: Agile Big Picture, Healthy POs, Product Demos, F*** You Startup World

Food For Thought #62: Scrum Anti Patterns, Spotify Scaling Fallacy, 10 X Products, #mtpcon

Food For Thought #61: Fake Agile, Cargo Cult, Agile Idiots, 50 PM Blogs, Addictive Apps

Food For Thought #60: Remote Agile Teams, Coaching, Become a Better PM, Drift’s Product Framework, How to Go Lean

Food For Thought #59: Dark Scrum, How to Say ‘No’, Surviving Office Politics, Mental Models for Product Managers

Food For Thought #58: Agile Metrics, What Is Agile, Burnout, Backlog Black Holes, No BS Lean, Ageism

Food For Thought #57: Selling Agile, Agile Peer Recruiting, Cheat-Sheets, Building Trello, Happiness

Food For Thought #56: Autonomous Teams, Agile Pirates, Product Borgs in Cuba, Holacracy, Fun at Work

Food For Thought #55: 100% Scrum Master, Getting Hired, Product Squads, Unwanted Users, Jobs We Lose to AI

Food For Thought #54: Scrum Sucks, Agile = Change?, Love Your Problem, Poker & PM, Zappos Revisited

Food For Thought #53: Technical Debt, Agile at BMW, Joy@Work, CSM History, Empathy, Pricing Is Right

Food for Thought #52: Scrum Frustrations, How to Say ‘No’, Dark Patterns, Zappo’s Holacracy in Practice

Food For Thought #51: Scrum in Relationships, Kill Backlogs, Customer Centricity

Food For Thought #50: Product Strategy, Kick-Off Agile, Waterfall, Scrum Alliance Trouble, Company Culture Design, Future of Work

Food For Thought #49: Scrum Certifications, Agile Cat Herders, Carrots & Sticks, Non-Aggravating Meetings for Makers, Ultimate Mental Models List

Food For Thought #48: Scaling Agile, Team Dysfunctions, Happy Product Teams, MVP & Product/Market Fit

Food for Thought #47: Scrum Slaves, Sane Estimations, Agile Borgs, Scaling Lean, Wally’s MVP

Food For Thought #46: Agile Autonomy, #NoManagers, Anti Patterns, Show Work, Product Mojo & Scaling, AI

Food For Thought #45: SAFe Failure, Agile Mindset, Spotify Rhythm, Trust in Products, Kevin Kelly’s “The Inevitable”

Food For Thought #44: Agile Impact, Scrum Moms, PM Rookie Mistakes, Disruption Ain’t Strategy

Food For Thought #43: Agile Metrics, Stakeholder Tips, Psychology of Success, Scaling Lean

Food For Thought #42: Remote Agile Teams, Success with Coaches, Hard Scrum Lessons, Roadmap Hacks

Food For Thought #41: The Kodak Moment, Radical Agility, Is SAFe Evil?, Free UX Guide

Food For Thought #40: Scrum’s Achilles Heel, KPIs of Culture, JTBD Ebook, IT Disasters

Food For Thought #39: Feedback is Crap, Think Simply, Storyboards, Smart & Unhappy

Food For Thought #38: Product Roadmap, Psychology of Agile Adoption & Buying, Echo

Food For Thought #37: Agile Leadership, Scaling, Woman in Product, Moonshots

Food For Thought #36: State of Agile, MVPM, Bloatware, PM for IoT, Tesla v. Apple

Food For Thought #35: Agile Metrics, Kanban Patterns, Antifragile, Design Sprints

Food For Thought #34: Agile Is Dead, Don’t Hire PMs, Design in Tech, Tech Debt

Food for Thought #33: Feature Bloat, Users = Animals?, Scrum & LeSS, Agile too Costly?

Food for Thought #32: Agile Team Building & Leadership

Food for Thought #31: Sunday, March 6th, 2016

Food for Thought #30: Cargo Cult Agile, Agile Change, MVP, Tools^2, Risk & Failure

Food for Thought #29: Pivots, Design Sprints, Scrum Master Traits, Killing Moonshots

Food for Thought #28: Art of Product, Deadlines, DevOps, Agile Patterns

Food for Thought #27: Product Dysfunctions, User Needs, Pivots, Scaling Scrum, JTBD

Food for Thought #26: Product-Market Fit, MVP, UX vs. Product Management

Food for Thought #25: MVP, Agile Techniques, Tech Debt, Disruption Patterns

Food for Thought #24: Growth Resources, Prototyping, Hardware Toolbox, Bitcoin

Food For Thought #23: Priorities, No More Scrum, Blockchain, Agile Autonomy

Food For Thought #22: Agile Imposters (Free PDF), Agile UX, Double Sales, Tech 2016

Food For Thought #21: Product Hunt Best Practices, Pivots, Niches, KPIs, Frustration

Food For Thought #20: Product in 2016, State Of Tech, VC & Logic, 10x, Pivotal Products

Food For Thought #19: Patterns of Disruption, Customer Feedback, Pitfalls, LTV & DCF

Food For Thought #18: State of Startups, Lean Startup, Disruption, Freemium, Failure

Food For Thought #17: Product Mgt Future, Post Mortem Tools, Star Trek Economics

Food For Thought #16: Facebook’s Future, Product Roadmaps, AI, Marketplaces

Food For Thought #15: Unicorn Scouts, Passing on Twitter, Agile Clinic, HTHAPM

Food For Thought #14: Y Combinator Playbook, AI & Unemployment, How To Say ‘No’

Food for Thought #13: Disruption, Permalancers, ConvertKit & Persuasion Lessons

Food for Thought #12: Holacracy, Customer Value, What Is Success, The Feed

Food for Though #11: MVP, Agile Failure Patterns, Notifications, Definition Of Success

Food for Thought #10: End of the Unicorn, Bubble, Great Teams, Hardware Marathon

Food for Thought #9: Unicorn (Un-) Culture, Startup Survival, Evernote’s Decline

Food for Thought #8: LEGO® at Workshops, Unicorns, Click Fraud, Blitzscaling

Food for Thought #7: New Silicon Valley, European Unicorns, Managers Hate Agile

Food for Thought #6: Scaling Startups, Unicorpses, Culture Hacking

Food for Thought #5: Funding Unicorns, Bubble, Success & Discomfort

Food for Thought #4: Mobile Internet, Story of Pocket, What Are We Doing?

Food for Thought #3: Inside Amazon, Startup Failures, Leadership

Food for Thought #2: Zirtual Implodes, Startup Halo Effect, WeChat

Food for Thought #1: Self-Management, Dropbox, Optimizely




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